Home Sweet Home

October 10, 2008 - 11:25 pm No Comments

Been home a few days now, and I feel good. I’ve rested, showered, shaved, and my bug bites are shrinking. I am looking human again. And after climbing mountains in the thin Peruvian air, I feel like I’m ready to run a marathon.

Peru was a great time. Amazing sights, nice people. The pace we kept was exhausting, but we got through it. Careful planning, coordinating, compromising, and a decent amount of serendipity has meant that Josh and I saw and did even more than we had planned, which is exactly how you want to come out of any vacation.

As a travel companion, Josh was pretty flexible, practical, and efficient. The good thing about traveling with a fellow photographer is that there was finally someone to take pictures of me!

I’ve spent the last few days working on pictures, and I’ve gone back and sprinkled a few into my old posts. I have so many more to post. It’s pretty time-consuming, but I’ll get it done.

If everything falls into place, I’ll be doing this again from Thailand in a couple of months…

Thanks for keeping up… No regrets!

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