Hello from El Salvador!

October 7, 2008 - 6:16 pm No Comments

Taxi happened to be waiting outside our hostel at 5:30am. No problem.

Zipped off to the airport, where we checked in and were taken to an office behind the ticket counter to open up and unpack our bags. I guess we were picked randomly. Nice to actually see some security for a change.

A “coincidental” weather delay occurred at the same time as the strike was beginning, even though it was barely sprinkling outside. We sat in the Lima airport for a while stressing that we might miss our connections and be stuck for the night in El Salvador, but everything worked out and we are on our way home.

Josh is ready to be home. He’s been antsy for a few days now. And I’m tired, too. It’s been a very full 11 days. I saw a lot of amazing things and got a helluva lot of exercise, the most I’ve had in years. I’m tired, dirty, sunburnt, and covered with midge welts. Maybe feral enough to go to a soccer game at Matute.

Off to board the last flight home…

The Ride Home

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