Two Days in Kotor

August 9, 2016 - 8:54 am 2 Comments

On our way down to Montenegro, I think things are slowly starting to look more Greek. Greenery turned more scrubby, limestone block construction gave way to flat white stucco, and arches began to appear over doorways and windows.

We pulled off the road to take a quick stop at Our Lady of the Rocks Church. A little boat took us over for a quick look-around before getting back in the bus and continuing southward. Compared to Croatia, traffic around these parts seems a little pushy and undisciplined, with cars making their own lanes and their own rules.

Our Lady of the Rocks Church

The surrounding, more modern city of Kotor (koh-TORE) is a bit of a dump, but the old town itself is a picturesque fortress surrounded by towering, fjord-like mountains. It was built up many times over the years but most recently by the Venetians in the 17th and 18th centuries. Here, the familiar white stones and orange roofs of Croatia have been replaced by darker, rougher stones and more iron, making things feel a bit more rustic and exotic. This would make another great set for Game of Thrones. There are lots and lots of cats. Kotor has Medieval Scentâ„¢, which smells like someone took a turd, wrapped it in bacon, and threw it on the grill.

Bird & Clock in Kotor

Hike Over Kotor

Sleepy Cat in Kotor

Green Door in Kotor

Our Kotor hostel is a giant shared room, which is great fun except for the single shared bathroom. And we’re getting to know the new members of our group quite quickly. At dinner, they really came out of their shell, mostly due to an Australian girl named Lizzie asking everybody about their sexual grooming habits before the wine was served.

Matthew continues to entertain us with stories. My favorite story is the “worst date ever” one. Ask him to tell you sometime. There’s also the time he was attacked by a tiger, the time he get his cheek ripped off in kung fu class, the time he was chased by a wolf, and the time he fell off a three-story roof and was fine because his bones are twice as dense as yours or mine. Oh, he can also sing opera and articulate the differences between British and American Sign Language and used to run 100 meters in 10.5 seconds. And he knows if you are a Clear, Deep, Soft, Warm, or Cool, and he can advise you what colors should be in your wardrobe. He also runs a sweet video blog. Matthew is a true Renaissance man.

Despite Kotor’s beauty, there’s not really a lot to do. Two days here is a bit much. When it was time to go, we were ready.

Now back in the van, making our way down meandering, trafficky roads along the coast to Tirana, Albania.

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  1. Alice Lockett Says:

    Not sure this town would be my cup of tea. However your friend Matthew sounds interesting to say the least. I am really ready for you to come home.LOL..Alice

  2. Gabo Says:

    Jeff, I found this by pure chance.
    Thanks for writing. I really enjoyed reading EVERYTHING!
    And suddenly, I found myself needing to know Matthew’s worst date ever haha
    Love u man, see you soon somewhere in North America!

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