The Train Back to London

September 28, 2012 - 11:35 am No Comments

For dinner last night, I had some curry chicken and a fried Mars bar. My cousin Andrew had told me to be on the lookout for those. It tastes about how you’d expect: warm and soft and sweet on the inside, crunchy and savory on the outside.

Last night’s pub crawl was a standard affair. Lots of cheap drinks with backpackers much younger than us, finishing up in an overcrowded and understaffed basement club.

This morning, I was not properly motivated to go to Arthur’s Seat. As we headed to the train station, I turned around to see the sun shine a proud beam of light onto Arthur’s Seat. Nature mocks me.

To the Train Station

For the train back to London, Jerry got us sweet first-class tickets that entitled us to a complementary drink, snack, and wifi. Conrad and Doug are working on finding a place to stay in London, Jerry is sleeping, and I am looking out the window and enjoying the view.

Zipping down the east coast of Britain, I can see the North Sea. It’s a straight shot over to Denmark from here.

Train Bridge, Queen Elizabeth II Metro Bridge, King Edward VII Bridge, Swing Bridge, Tyne Bridge

We’re scheduled to get into London around 2pm. Hopefully, we’ll have somewhere to stay before we arrive.

Lost in England

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