Roosters: Evil

January 10, 2009 - 7:55 am No Comments


At the crack of dawn this morning, a rooster started screaming. Once every ten seconds for about an hour.


Sounded like he was standing right outside our door. I wanted to kill it.


I rifled through my bags in the dark for about 20 minutes looking for my Air France earplugs. Just when I found them, the rooster stopped.

The sound of construction on the other side of our room picked up where the rooster left off. I open the window and see that it is not construction, but a kid banging on a metal spot with a spoon. I wanted to kill him.

For a few moments, the pot-banging would stop, replaced by a man having extreme difficulty clearing his throat. Then, through the front door, hammering. And then, through the window, the sound of somebody wretching. Maybe the same guy who was trying to clear his throat. Now, the rooster is at it again. I am too awake to use the earplugs.


Very chilly this morning. I can see my breath.

Today, we’ll explore Luang Prabang by bicycle, visiting some wats and hiking up the hill in the middle of town called Phu Si (POO-SEE). Add jokes here.

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