Fair House: Awesome

January 2, 2009 - 5:43 am No Comments

We had breakfast this morning with Kyle. He let Doug and me listen to some of his band’s music on his iPod. Really great stuff! Have a listen on his band’s web site.

Checked out of Bottle Beach 1 (US$98.50 for two nights accommodation, two dinners, drinks, and four 4-wheel drive taxi rides across the island). Took a taxi to Thong Sala and waited a few hours (ugh) at the pier. Ferries came and went, but pushy backpackers in front of us would load on to each boat and fill it up before we could get on ourselves. The weather is still kind of crummy, making the ferry ride out from Koh Phangan was as bumpy as the ride in.


Thailand Flag

We just pulled into our hotel here in Koh Samui. It’s called Fair House and was recommended to us by one of Doug’s friends. Pretty amazing place. The facilities, room, and service are all fantastic. Beautifully decorated, spacious room with lots of electrical outlets (nice!), restaurant on the beach, two swimming pools (one for me and one for Doug), laundry service (badly needed), and Internet. There’s a lot to do around here, and Doug and I are already thinking that we might want to extend our stay in Koh Samui a day or two just to take it all in.

Fair House

Tonight, off to Koh Samui’s nightlife hot spot, Chaweng Beach.

PS: Check out Doug’s blog. Might be fun to get his perspective on the same trip…

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