Corfu: Greece At Last

August 12, 2016 - 4:01 pm No Comments

The stomach bug or whatever that swept through the group has mostly passed, and we’re all starting to feel a bit better. I’ve never seen a stomach bug sweep trough a group so quickly.

The ferry to Corfu was nice and relaxing. The taxi that picked us up at ferry terminal was not, driving like bat out of hell through the narrow and twisty streets of Corfu with a remix of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” blasting on the radio.

Dusk on Garitsa Bay

Corfu is a giant island, but we’re staying near the port. We don’t have the time to explore much other than the fortress and old town.

Church of St. George

Bars on a Window

Dog Wants In at the Latin Chapel

After the fortress, I lost myself in the countless alleys and streets of old town. Like all the other historic centers we’ve seen on this trip, charming architecture is overwhelmed by tourists, restaurants, souvenir shops, and jewelry stores. Sponges are a big industry here.

Street in Corfu

Maybe It's About the Story

Colorful Clothes

Couple in Corfu

This is a good introduction to Greece. Spoken Greek sounds like a bit like Dothraki from Game of Thrones, and Greek food is great. Everything I’ve had so far is fresh and delicious, and the portions are huge. Every time we plop down at a restaurant, there’s a mad rush to use the wifi to post pictures to Instagram. We literally sit at the table for 90 seconds before anyone looks up and says a word.

We’re only here for one night. Tomorrow morning, we catch a flight to Athens, and that’s the end of this G Adventures tour. But I’m just getting warmed up. I still have almost two months of travel ahead of me. At least!

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