At the Radisson

September 28, 2008 - 1:52 am 1 Comment

Bar on Top of the Radisson

On our layover at El Salvador International Airport (or Comalapa International), I noticed free wifi, so I was able to post my first blog entry. Four hours later, we arrived in Lima with one of the smoothest landings I’ve ever experienced (kudos to TACA!).

The cab ride to our hotel was an adventure, almost getting into three accidents. Just by looking at the cars on the roads, you can tell that they bounce off of each other quite frequently.

I’ve let Josh book all of the hotel reservations since he likes to handle those kinds of things. Here in Lima, we’re staying at the Radisson in Miraflores, a beach district that seems to be a pretty central location. The hotel itself is fantastic and very affordable (kudos to Josh!). We treated ourselves to an exquisite dinner of Peruvian chicken (of course) at the hotel restaurant and a quick drink at the hotel bar on the top floor. Despite the fact that I am freaked out about everything I put in the mouth, I really enjoyed it. Then Josh went to bed, and I went for a short walk outside.

So far, Lima is about what I expected. It’s pretty urban, but in that third world kind of way. Not a lot of huge office buildings, just lots of smaller buildings crammed close together. Broken signs in front of storefronts, older cars honking and bouncing around on the streets. Then there’s that heavy mix of urban stink and gasoline fumes that reminds me of east LA. All the good stuff in Lima will be tomorrow and the next day.

We have a full day planned for tomorrow, the highlight of which is a soccer (football) game. Josh, a huge soccer fan, is very excited about that. Then off to a museum or two, and maybe a look at some old Incan ruins in the city.

Back in the hotel room now. That bed looks mighty comfortable.

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  1. Stef Says:

    Yay!! I am so excited for you guys!! Sounds like a blast already…I look forward to exploring Peru vicariously through you!! Have a safe and wonderful experience!

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