A Short Day in Seville

September 29, 2015 - 12:29 am No Comments

As the sun came up, we entered the industrial outskirts of Seville. Again, I’m surprised how these places I’ve never heard of are legit cities.

We made our way to the historical center of Seville, and things started looking a lot like, well, the historical centers of Valencia, Granada, and just about every other Spanish city. This old town is particularly beautiful, with an enormous royal palace and cathedral right in the middle of it. As I took pictures, I almost got run over by a horse.

Giralda & Calle Mateos Gago

Giralda & Calle de Placentines

Then a short walk to Plaza de España, perhaps the most beautiful square in Spain.

Cities at Plaza de España

Me at Plaza de España

Audrey, one of the go-getters in the group, joined me for a walk through Alcázar, the royal palace. It’s an impressive structure, with dazzling tile and mosaic work inside. The gardens surrounding the palace are massive.

Alcázar Arches

Alcázar Patterns

Alcázar Skylight

Los Baños de Doña María de Padilla

Seville Cathedral is huge, gothic, and beautiful from the outside. Turns out that it’s the largest Gothic cathedral and the third-largest church in the world. Completed in 1506, it’s also the somewhat disputed burial site of Christopher Columbus. Alas, the cathedral closes early on Mondays, so I couldn’t get inside. Maybe next time.

We’re celebrating another birthday in the group tonight, but I’m hoping the festivities are light. What we all really need is good night’s sleep. We catch a bus to Portugal tomorrow morning.

Seville Cathedral at Night

Giralda & Calle Mateos Gago at Night

Giralda & Calle de Placentines at Night

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