A Night in El Calafate

January 16, 2010 - 4:03 am No Comments

Gog and I walked up a hill near our hotel to get a nice view of the Patagonian sunset. The sky blew up with wonderful colors last night, but our view was obstructed by power lines and light poles, so we were determined to find a better spot tonight. After short hike, clouds prevented the sunset from being truly dramatic. Oh well.

Sunset Over Lago Argentino

At night, it’s pleasantly cool. We started with dinner next door to our hotel, a restaurant called Barricas de Enopio. Cool-looking place, but my dry salad and Patagonian lamb stew were mediocre. I really want my salad dressing and vegetables. Stopped for a quick drink at Borges & Alvarez before heading over to La Tolderia, the club where we were supposed to meet our friends from the boat.

Borges & Alvarez

Dead on the outside, but packed with locals on the inside. The music was loud and Spanish, kind of refreshing not to hear any American music at all. TVs all around the bar showed lots of boobs.

One of the shows, called “Naked Wild On,” featured two completely naked women sitting on stools and eating popsicles, sometimes even sharing the same popsicle. While nobody else in the bar seemed to care, Gog and I were fixated. And this was on E! Cable programming down here isn’t the same as it is back home.

We looked for our friends but couldn’t find them. At one point, Gog looked across the smoky club and thought he spotted the girl from the boat, but we couldn’t tell for sure since her head was always turned or obstructed by friends. Finally, Gog moved in, put his hand on her back, and smiled. Not her. Awesome.

Walking out of the place at 3am, we bumped into the guy from the boat. He said the rest of his friends were coming in 30 minutes or so. Wait, doesn’t he work tomorrow? Yes, at 6am. When does he sleep? He said he doesn’t really sleep, just tries to fit it in whenever he has time. Gog and I are amazed. How do they live this lifestyle? He invited us back into the club, but Gog and I were done.

Cold and tired, Gog and I walked back to the hotel. In the night sky, Orion is upside down.

My feet stink.

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